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This goat's much smaller.


Billy (or Billiam) is a Mob exclusive to the The Gorge event in Don't Starve Together and Mumsy's son. He can be found in the city ruins area, selling various resource gathering equipment.

Dubloons.png Trading[edit | edit source]

Billy sells the following equipment:

Old Coin.png
Old Coin.png
Old Coin.png
Interface arrow right.png
"It's a whole, live pigeon."
Old Coin.png


Interface arrow right.png
Salt Rack.png
"Get a little salty."
Old Coin.png
Old Coin.png
Old Coin.png
Interface arrow right.png
Fishing Rod.png
Old Coin.png


Interface arrow right.png
Old Coin.png


Interface arrow right.png
Bird Trap.png
Red Mark.png
Interface arrow right.png
Crab Trap.png
"Trap the crabs in the bucket."
Red Mark.png
Interface arrow right.png
Slaughter Tools.png
"Well, meat doesn't grow on trees."

Anything bought by Wes costs one less Old Coin or Sapphire Medallion, except for items bought with Red Marks.

Gramophone.png Quotes[edit | edit source]

Start, before first trade with Mumsy

  • "Go talk to my mum. Baa."
  • "Can you ask my mum before we play?"
  • "Go ask Mumsy if we can play. Baa."
  • "I'll only talk to you if Mumsy says it's okay."

Idle, player nearby

  • "Our house used to be around here, baa."
  • "I like playing with the pebble crabs."
  • "Sammy was a goat before, like mum and I."
  • "Mumsy says my friends can't come out to play."
  • "I wish my bike still worked, baa."
  • "Mumsy tells me not to look at the sky."
  • "Pipton lets me have sweets, when Mumsy says it's okay."

Successful trade

  • "We're friends now, right?"
  • "Baa, thanks!"
  • "Tradesies are fun."
  • "Baaaa! My favorite!"
  • "Oh, thanks!"
  • "Baa!"
  • "Mumsy says always to say "thank-you"."

Placeholder.png Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name Billy is a reference to billy goat, the name of a male goat.
  • When the event was first released, several characters' quotes implied that Billy was female. The quotes have since been changed.
  • Billy was originally designed to be a deer, as revealed in Rhymes with Play #201.

Blueprint.png Gallery[edit | edit source]

Winona's Spotlight.png Animations[edit | edit source]

Gramophone.png Sounds[edit | edit source]

Billy's voice.
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