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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.pngHamlet.

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Bean Bugs are a Food Item exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. They can be found under Stone Slabs. Eating them raw or cooked will restore Hunger, but at the cost of Sanity loss.

Cooking three Bean Bugs and any Meat in the Crock Pot makes Feijoada.

Webber and Wilba can eat Bean Bugs without the Sanity Penalty. Wilba will turn into a Werepig after eating two Bean Bugs.

As Stone Slabs do not regenerate their items, Bean Bugs are non-renewable, luckily however, their spoilage time is much longer compared to other food items (on par with Butter), making it feasible to save this food to make Feijoada.

Cooked Bean Bugs[]

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Cooked Bean Bugs are a Food item made by Cooking Bean Bugs on a CampfireFire Pit, or other viable source of fire. Much like its counterpart the Gummy Slug, it is not a practical food item to cook and eat as it takes a significant amount of its superior spoil time away, still damages sanity and has inferior hunger restoration compared to the crock pot item that is made from Bean Bugs.

Icon Tools.png Usage[]

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