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The Beach is a biome introduced in the Shipwrecked DLC.

When the player begins the game, they spawn in a Beach biome near some Debris of a broken boat. It is an excellent starting biome, having all the resources the player needs to begin the game. Bushes, Grass, Flint, and Palm Trees are plentiful, and several different kinds of Boulders can be found here. Limpets can also be harvested from their rocks, and Sandy Piles, Crabbit Dens and Seashells can be found spread around. The Sharkitten Den also spawns in the Beach biome.

Beach biome tiles close to the sea are regularly Flooded by tides during nighttime. Tides are stronger during the Full Moon.

Beach biomes have no native Turfs and as such, any type can be put there without the need of a Pitchfork.

Toucans are the only birds that will spawn and land on this biome. During Hurricane Season, Toucans are replaced by Seagulls.

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