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The Basalt Eruption is an object exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. When fighting the Large Iron Hulk, it will encircle itself with a barrier made of Basalt Eruptions, potentially trapping the player. It can be mined for Rocks and Flint.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • Basalt Eruptions are the biggest source of Rocks and Flint in Hamlet worlds. One single body slam from the Large Iron Hulk can yield an average of 32 Basalts (as long as no objects nor the map border interrupt its formation), and each body slam destroys the old Basalts in range while creating new ones, making a rich source for the 2 minerals.
    • This can be used as a risky farm for both resources; as long as the player evades the Large Iron Hulk's attacks, it will spawn Basalt Eruptions rings indefinitely.
  • The player should make sure to have a Pickaxe or other rock-breaking object when fighting the Large Iron Hulk, since defeating it may leave the player trapped inside the Basalt ring.
    • Its remaining head can be awakened and lured towards Basalt Eruptions in order to mine them without spending resources on Pickaxes.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • When it was first implemented, the name was spelled incorrectly as "Basalt Erruption". This was later fixed.
  • Basalt Eruption was added in the April 18, 2019 update.

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