Wilson Portrait
It's mushy.

Wilson, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Willow Portrait

Willow, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Wolfgang Portrait
Is tasty!

Wolfgang, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Wendy Portrait
The peel looks dangerous.

Wendy, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Wickerbottom Portrait
All of them are genetically identical.

Wickerbottom, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Woodie Portrait
It tastes tropical.

Woodie, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Waxwell Portrait
Like ashes in my mouth.

Maxwell, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Wagstaff Portrait
A fruit that grows in a cave environment. Fascinating!

Wagstaff, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Wigfrid Portrait
Mönkey fööd.

Wigfrid, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Webber Portrait
A bundle of bananas.

Webber, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Walani Portrait

Walani, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Warly Portrait
Just the flavor I needed!

Warly, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Wilbur Portrait

Wilbur, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Woodlegs Portrait
I must be goin' banana's down here.

Woodlegs, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Wormwood Portrait
Sweet Hair from friend!

Wormwood, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Wheeler Portrait
Ever see a fruit fly?

Wheeler, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Winona Portrait
Everything since I got here has been bananas.

Winona, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Wortox Portrait
One of the least offensive mortal food flavors.

Wortox, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Wurt Portrait
Mmm... good fruit, florp.

Wurt, when examining a (Cave) Banana.

Bananas (or Cave Bananas in the base game) are Food Items found on Cave Banana Trees. These trees grow underground and will regrow after 4 days once picked. Splumonkeys will pick Bananas from Cave Banana Trees on sight, which has no effect on the 4-day regrowth period of Bananas. Splumonkeys also are more likely to follow and steal from a player if the player is carrying any number of Bananas.

Cooked BananaEdit

Wilson Portrait

Wilson, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Willow Portrait

Willow, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Wolfgang Portrait
Is warm and tasty!

Wolfgang, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Wendy Portrait
Warmed banana mush is so much better.

Wendy, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Somewhat better.

Wickerbottom, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Woodie Portrait
I cooked it for some reason.

Woodie, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Waxwell Portrait
Even worse than raw.

Maxwell, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Wagstaff Portrait
I do hope I can digest this without consequences.

Wagstaff, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Wigfrid Portrait
Warmed mönkey fööd.

Wigfrid, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Webber Portrait
Hot mush.

Webber, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Walani Portrait
Cooked potassium!

Walani, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Warly Portrait
Could use some oats and a few chocolate chips...

Warly, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Wilbur Portrait

Wilbur, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Woodlegs Portrait
Not bad.

Woodlegs, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Wormwood Portrait

Wormwood, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Wheeler Portrait
Swell. I made baby food.

Wheeler, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Winona Portrait
Caramelized banana's the tops.

Winona, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Wortox Portrait
It's cooked now.

Wortox, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Wurt Portrait

Wurt, when examining a Cooked (Cave) Banana.

Cooked Bananas are the product of cooking a Banana over a Campfire, Fire Pit, or Star. Like most fruits and vegetables, cooking increases the Health bonus slightly while decreasing the spoil time.

Shipwrecked icon ShipwreckedEdit

In the Shipwrecked DLC, Bananas take on a more yellow appearance. They are dropped by Jungle Trees when the trees are cut down. They also have a chance to be dropped by the Slot Machine when three carrots are rolled. Bananas are used in Banana Pop, can be added to the Crock Pot as Fruit fillers and are worth 1 fruit value. They are required to craft Silly Monkey Balls and Prime Ape Huts.

Additionally, Bananas are eaten by Prime Apes and can be fed to them to befriend them. Wilbur gains Sanity when eating Bananas.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundCave BananaFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Cave Banana
Inventory slot backgroundCave BananaFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Cave Banana
Inventory slot backgroundCave BananasPig IconInventory slot backgroundManure
Inventory slot backgroundBananaInventory slot background IceInventory slot backgroundTwigsInventory slot backgroundFillerCrock PotInventory slot backgroundBanana PopShipwrecked iconFiller cannot be Meats or Fishes
Inventory slot backgroundBananaInventory slot background SnakeskinInventory slot background SnakeskinInventory slot backgroundRopeInventory slot backgroundRopeScience MachineInventory slot backgroundSilly Monkey BallShipwrecked icon
Inventory slot backgroundTwigs


Inventory slot background Manure


Inventory slot backgroundBananaInventory slot backgroundBananaInventory slot backgroundBananaAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundPrime Ape HutShipwrecked icon

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • The Cave Banana is one of the few items in the game with examination quotes for Wilbur.
  • The raw image for the Banana shows multiple bananas in one bunch, but the Cooked image shows only three, which seem to be poorly prepared. This could hint to poor cooking/preparation due to abnormal food.
  • Wickerbottom's quote mentions that all of the bananas are genetically identical. This is probably a reference to the concern from botanists over the increase in cloned banana trees which could theoretically make them infertile. This could also be the reason Cave Banana Trees cannot be grown by the player.
  • The Cave Banana name is possibly a play on one of the most common banana cultivars, Cavendish Bananas.
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