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Wilson Portrait
Three heads are better than one.

Wilson, when examining the BFB's head.

Willow Portrait
A little too pecky for me.

Willow, when examining the BFB's head.

Wolfgang Portrait
No fair. Wolfgang only have one head.

Wolfgang, when examining the BFB's head.

Wendy Portrait
Destruction inside doom inside catastophe.

Wendy, when examining the BFB's head.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining the BFB's head.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Tri-headed. My goodness!

Wickerbottom, when examining the BFB's head.

Woodie Portrait
Three times the horrible.

Woodie, when examining the BFB's head.

Waxwell Portrait
Its got its head in the clouds.

Maxwell, when examining the BFB's head.

Wigfrid Portrait
I shall slay all three öf its heads.

Wigfrid, when examining the BFB's head.

Webber Portrait
Yeesh! Look out!

Webber, when examining the BFB's head.

Walani Portrait
How's the weather up there?

Walani, when examining the BFB's head.

Warly Portrait
That's three mouths to feed!

Warly, when examining the BFB's head.

Woodlegs Portrait
A livin'ship wit' three heads!

Woodlegs, when examining the BFB's head.

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when examining the BFB's head.

The BFB is a Boss Monster exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It appears every 10-24 days, heralded by a loud cawing, and then a large shadow flying above the player. It is a source of Dung Piles, dropping a few as it flies around.

It appears to be an extremely large bird creature that has foliage growing on it, with extra "inner" heads inside its beak. Upon landing, the BFB will seek out structures to destroy, then attempt to grab the player with its beak and bring them to its nest on the fourth island. On the fourth island the regal scepter can be found. Its feet, similar to Bigfoot, will deal 1000 damage if they step on the player or nearby mobs.[Verification Needed]

The BFB will follow the player, but will go away as soon as they enter Deep Rainforest biome, as it is too big to go under the trees. The Stalking Stick may help escaping BFB.

The BFB's nest consists of petrified eggs and a Stone Egg surrounded by weathered trees, a weathered house, and a rusty lamp. The petrified eggs can be mined for rocks, as well as a possible red, blue, or purple gem. The rest of the BFB island has scattered rocks, flint, and twigs, along with weathered shrubs and trees. There is a single Sinkhole somewhere on the island. Every basic resource is available on the island, likely to make sure that players are not trapped on it because they cannot mine the sinkhole. Mining the sinkhole creates a passage to the caves. This cave system is similar to the ruins and Mant Hill, consisting of a series of connected rooms. These rooms can have Mushtrees, Light Flowers, Ferns, Unimportant Pillars, and Stalagmites in them. In one of the rooms there will be a rock in the center of the back wall. Mining this rock will trigger an earthquake and create a passage out of the caves. This passage will take you to one of the Cave Clefts. The passage can then be entered from the cave cleft to take the player back to the caves.

Placeholder Trivia

  • It was added in the Early Access of Hamlet. It was not fully implemented in the closed beta, but it could be debugspawned.
  • At the end of the Hamlet E3 trailer, a large bird-like silhouette that slightly resembles the BFB is shown flying in the distance.
  • The name "BFB" may be a reference to the Roald Dahl book The BFG, which stands for "big friendly giant". "BFB" may then stand for "big friendly bird".
  • It might also be a reference to the Doom video game series, in which there is a weapon named the "BFG 9000", which stands for "Big F-ing Gun".
  • It's prefab name uses the word "roc". A Roc is a giant legendary bird from Middle Eastern mythology.
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