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Animals are Mobs found throughout the world and are typically not hostile unless provoked (with the exception of Beefalo in heat and hungry Smallish Tallbirds). Some Animals are passive and will never attack. They simply flee from danger or ignore the attacker, which typically results in their death.

Some of the creatures below will raise a player's naughtiness rating when directly killed. Some passive creatures are protected by stronger, neutral Mobs, attacking them may incur the wrath of the stronger Mob. Main example of this is Tiger Shark protecting its Sharkitten. When a neutral creature is attacked, nearby members of the same or similar species may join the fight against the attacker.

Traders are passive mob that cannot be attacked or killed, and the player can give Trinkets and certain Foods to these mobs in exchange for various rewards.

Vanilla Animals[edit | edit source]

Neutral Animals
Bee.png Pig.png Koalefant.png Winter Koalefant.png
Bee Pig Koalefant Winter Koalefant
Teenbird.png Splumonkey.png Slurtle.png Beefalo.png
Smallish Tallbird Splumonkey Slurtle Beefalo
Pengull.png Bunnyman2.png Beardlord.png Rock Lobster.png
Pengull Bunnyman Beardlord Rock Lobster
Passive Animals
Redbird.png Crow.png Snowbird.png Smallbird.png
Redbird Crow Snowbird Smallbird
Baby Beefalo.png Chester.png Gobbler.png Snurtle.png
Baby Beefalo Chester Gobbler Snurtle
Butterfly.png Rabbit.png Mandrake Mob.png Beardling.png
Butterfly Rabbit Mandrake Beardling
Pig King.png
Pig King

Reign of Giants Reign of Giants Animals[edit | edit source]

Neutral Animals
Volt Goat.png Catcoon.png Buzzard.png Mosling.png
Volt Goat Catcoon Buzzard Mosling
Passive Animals
Moleworms.png Glommer.png
Moleworm Glommer

Shipwrecked Shipwrecked Animals[edit | edit source]

Neutral Animals
Bottlenose Ballphin.png Blue Whale.png Water Beefalo.png PrimeApe.png
Bottlenose Ballphin Blue Whale Water Beefalo Prime Ape
Passive Animals
Crabbit.png Dogfish.png Doydoy.png Parrot.png
Crabbit Dogfish Doydoy Parrot
Parrot Pirate.png Seagull.png Toucan.png Wobster.png
Parrot Pirate Seagull Toucan Wobster
Sharkitten.png Packim Baggims.png Fishermerm.png Teen Doydoy.png
Sharkitten Packim Baggims Fishermerm Teen Doydoy
Baby Doydoy.png Seal.png Jellyfish.png Rainbow Jellyfish.png
Baby Doydoy Seal Jellyfish Rainbow Jellyfish

Hamlet Hamlet Animals[edit | edit source]

Neutral Animals
Elder Mandrake.png Hippopotamoose.png Mant.png Piko.png
Elder Mandrake Hippopotamoose Mant Piko
Platapine.png Pog.png
Platapine Pog
Passive Animals
Dung Beetle.png Kingfisher.png Pangolden.png Parrot (Hamlet).png
Dung Beetle Kingfisher Pangolden Parrot (Blue)
Peagawk.png Pigeon.png Ro Bin.png Thunderbird.png
Peagawk Pigeon Ro Bin Thunderbird
Pig Mayor.png
Pig Traders
BFB Head.png Maxameleon.png
BFB Maxameleon

Don't Starve Together Don't Starve Together Animals[edit | edit source]

Neutral Animals
Gnarwail.png Saladmander.png Skittersquid.png
Gnarwail Saladmander Skittersquid
Passive Animals
Lavae.png Grass Gekko.png Hutch.png Canary.png
Extra-Adorable Lavae Grass Gekko Hutch Canary
Moon Moth.png No-Eyed Deer Horned.png Stalker minion1.png Carrat.png
Moon Moth No-Eyed Deer Woven Shadow Carrat
Bernie Inactive.png Vargling.png
Bernie Critters
Hostile Creatures BatiliskCave SpiderClockwork Bishop (Damaged) • Clockwork Rook (Damaged) • Clockwork Knight (Damaged) • Dangling Depth DwellerDepths WormEwecusFrogGuardian PigGhostShadow CreatureHound (RedBlue) • Killer BeeLureplantMacTuskMermMosquitoSpiderSpider WarriorSpitterTallbirdTentacle (Big TentacleBaby Tentacle) • Wee MacTusk
(VargBirchnutterPoison Birchnut Tree Reign of Giants icon.png) (Crocodog (BlueYellow) • DragoonFloaty Boaty KnightFlupPirate GhostPoison MosquitoSnakePoison SnakeSea HoundSpider Warrior (Venomous)Stink RaySwordfishWhite Whale Shipwrecked icon.png) (Ancient SpiritGiant GrubGnat SwarmHanging VineIron HulkMantMasked PigPoison DartfrogScorpionSnaptoothSpider MonkeyVampire BatViperWeevole Hamlet icon.png) (Clay HoundClay VargCookie CutterGem DeerGrumble BeeHorror HoundLavaeMoonrock PengullShadow PiecesShattered SpiderRockjawNaked Mole BatAncient Sentrypede Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Boss Monsters Ancient GuardianDeerclopsSpider QueenTreeguard
(BeargerDragonflyMoose/Goose Reign of Giants icon.png) (QuackenSealnadoTiger Shark Shipwrecked icon.png) (Palm Treeguard Shipwrecked icon.pngHamlet icon.png) (Ancient HeraldLarge Iron HulkQueen WomantPugalisk Hamlet icon.png) (Bee QueenKlausMalbatrossReanimated SkeletonToadstoolLord of the Fruit FliesCelestial Champion Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Neutral Animals BeeBeefaloBunnyman (Beardlord) • KoalefantKrampusPengullPig (Werepig) • Rock LobsterSnurtleSlurtleSmallish TallbirdSplumonkey
(BuzzardCatcoonMoslingVolt Goat Reign of Giants icon.png) (Blue WhaleBottlenose BallphinPrime ApeWater BeefaloWildbore Shipwrecked icon.png) (Elder MandrakeHippopotamooseMantPikoPlatapinePog Hamlet icon.png) (GnarwailSaladmanderSkittersquidSea WeedMush Gnome Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Passive Animals Baby BeefaloButterflyChesterCrowGobblerMandrakeRabbit (Beardling) • RedbirdSmallbirdSnowbird
(GlommerMoleworm Reign of Giants icon.png) (CormorantCrabbit (Beardling) • DogfishDoydoyFishermermJellyfishPackim BaggimsParrot PirateRainbow JellyfishSeagullSealSharkittenWobster Shipwrecked icon.png) (ParrotToucan Shipwrecked icon.pngHamlet icon.png) (Dung BeetleKingfisherPangoldenParrot (Blue)PeagawkPigeonRo BinThunderbird Hamlet icon.png) (CanaryCarratExtra-Adorable LavaeGrass GekkoHutchMoon MothNo-Eyed DeerPuffinWoven Shadow Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Traders Pig King
(Yaarctopus Shipwrecked icon.png) (BankerBeauticianCollectorEruditeFarmerFloristHatmakerHunterMinerMayor TrufflestonPig QueenProfessorShopkeepUsherWorker Hamlet icon.png) (Antlion Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Other AbigailCharlieMaxwell
(BFBMaxameleon Hamlet icon.png) (BernieCrittersGestaltWoby Don't Starve Together icon.png)
The Forge Don't Starve Together icon.png Battlemaster PugnaBoarillaCrocommanderGrand Forge BoarriorInfernal SwineclopsMagma GolemPit PigRhinocebroScorpeonSnortoise
The Gorge Don't Starve Together icon.png BillyMumsyOld BeefaloPebble CrabPigeonPiptonSammySwamp PigSwamp Pig Elder
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