Wilson Portrait
The essential components are still intact.

Wilson, when examining an unactivated Ancient Gateway

Willow Portrait
Why would anyone want to live down here?

Willow, when examining an unactivated Ancient Gateway

Wolfgang Portrait
Is very old thing.

Wolfgang, when examining an unactivated Ancient Gateway

Wendy Portrait
A beacon of hope left unlit... How fitting.

Wendy, when examining an unactivated Ancient Gateway

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining an unactivated Ancient Gateway

Wickerbottom Portrait
Now where might that lead?

Wickerbottom, when examining an unactivated Ancient Gateway

Woodie Portrait
Where d'you think it goes, Lucy?

Woodie, when examining an unactivated Ancient Gateway

Waxwell Portrait
It lacks a key.

Maxwell, when examining an unactivated Ancient Gateway

Wigfrid Portrait
Tis the Bifröst!

Wigfrid, when examining an unactivated Ancient Gateway

Webber Portrait
We need another piece to turn it on.

Webber, when examining an unactivated Ancient Gateway

Winona Portrait
Not sure I trust strange portals anymore.

Winona, when examining an unactivated Ancient Gateway

The Ancient Gateway is an indestructible Structure exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. It is located in the middle of the Atrium Biome.

Its only use is to have an Ancient Key to be placed in its socket, making the Atrium's Nightmare Cycle be locked at the peak state. It can be removed again, unlocking the Cycle from its peak. If a fully-constructed Odd Skeleton is revived near an activated Ancient Gateway, the fight against the Ancient Fuelweaver will begin. The Ancient Fuelweaver can deactivate the Atrium's Nightmare Cycle by removing the Ancient Key. If the Ancient Fuelweaver is killed it will trigger an explosion that will activate after three minutes, renewing the Ruins. Twenty days later, the Gateway will accept the Ancient Key to be placed again.

The Forge

Wilson Portrait
That's how we got here. Hopefully how we get back, too.


Willow Portrait
This is WAY better than our gate back home!


Wolfgang Portrait
Is how Wolfgang got here.


Wendy Portrait
I dared not hope it would take me home.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
It is linked to our Gateway, but inactive on this side.


Woodie Portrait
Don't trust that as far as I can throw it.


Waxwell Portrait
Meddling with it will only cause further trouble.


Wigfrid Portrait
Tis a gate betwixt realms.


Webber Portrait
This isn't home!


Winona Portrait
Just like the one I came through...


In the Forge event, the Gateway in the Forge dimension shows up as the starting point where players and their allies spawn at beginning of the game. The Forge's Ancient Gateway is technically a separate structure sharing the same name as the one located in the Atrium in normal DST. It currently has no other function, but the game files reveal that it also has an active state, which might be used in the official version of the event.

Placeholder Trivia

  • In the Heart of the Ruins update, when examining an Ancient Gateway with a key inserted into it, the character said: "The lights reveal ancient text: Come Back Next Update."
  • When first released, the Ancient Gateway had black and yellow tapes all over it, to signalize it was still a work in progress feature.
  • When the Gateway was first released, various materials were able to be socketed into it, such as the Iridescent Gem. Picking it back out produced an Ancient Key, regardless of what went in.
  • WX-78's quote, "ERROR 502" references the actual Error 502 which means "bad gateway error".
  • The Gateway is featured in the What Lies Beyond? video clip, for a brief moment revealing a silhouette that is suspected to be Winona.

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