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That's my twin sister, Abigail.


Abigail Lillian Carter is Wendy's twin sister, now dead and a ghost. Wendy can manifest her using her unique starting item, Abigail's Flower. Abigail defends herself and Wendy against attacking Mobs, and she attacks anything that Wendy attacks (even if Wendy withdraws).

Summoning Abigail costs 50 Sanity Meter from Wendy and the death of a single creature. She is weaker at Daytime and powerful at Night.

In Don't Starve, Abigail has a maximum of 600 Health, and when significantly damaged she appears worried & distressed. She slowly regenerates Health at a rate of 1 Health Meter per second, and she can be healed using items like Healing Salves, Spider Glands, or Honey Poultices. If she loses all of her Health, she retreats into her flower.

Brain Behavior Edit

Abigail has a rapid area-of-effect attack that damages all enemies next to her. If she attacks pack mobs like Spiders or Beefalo, she can incite the whole group. Abigail can also damage Spider Dens, Beehives, and Killer Bee Hives. She does not attack any mobs that don't threaten her or Wendy first, except for neutral Pikos, Treeguards and Fishermerms. If her target doesn't appear interested in her or Wendy or if Wendy moves far enough away, Abigail settles down after about two seconds of fighting.

Abigail follows Wendy everywhere, including Caves, but she keeps a minimum distance from her. Abigail can keep up with her as long as she stays off Roads and Cobblestones and doesn't use a Walking Cane. If they get too separated, Abigail teleports to just outside Wendy's sight.

Abigail cannot be frozen by the Ice Staff, and she cannot help Wendy fight Shadow Creatures or Ghosts. Abigail's kills do not count as Wendy's kills; as such, they do not increase her Naughtiness level.

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve Together Edit

In Don't Starve Together, Wendy can summon Abigail with her flower at any time and gain +15 Sanity Meter, or she can unsummon her at the cost of 15 Sanity Meter.

Abigail initially has health pool of only 150 Abigail Badge, and she doesn't emit light. After a day, her health changes to 300 and she emits enough light to ward off Charlie. After another day her health goes up to 600 and she emits more light. The process is 4 times faster if there is a fully decorated Sisturn in the World. Abigail returns to her initial health if she is destroyed or if Wendy dies. Abigail regenerates 1 Abigail Badge per second, even when not summoned.

On the Surface, Abigail's attacks damage 15 Health Meter during the day, 25 Health Meter at dusk, and 40 Health Meter at night. In the Caves, her attacks always deal 40 damage. Abigail's attacks beset her targets with ghostly petals, inflicting them with a 10% vulnerability to any damage for 2 seconds. Wendy's attacks deal an extra 40% damage to these foes, putting her at ×1.155 normal player damage instead of her usual ×0.75.

Abigail now has a protective shield. When attacked, the shield surrounds her and absorbs all damage taken within 0.5 seconds of the first attack.

Wendy can ask Abigail to stay close to her or to roam more freely via Abigail's Flower. In the Sooth state Abigail follows Wendy and only supports her. In the Rile up state Abigail attacks anything near Wendy, whether neutral or aggressive.

Wendy can use various Ghostly Elixirs on Abigail to regenerate her Health or improve her abilities. Wendy can also use non-food healing items to heal Abigail (Spider Gland, Healing Salve, Honey Poultice and Mosquito Sack).

Forging Hammer The Forge Edit

In The Forge event in Don't Starve Together, Abigail is available to Wendy as support. She now only has 300 health, and deals 6 damage. When Abigail dies, she no longer needs to be resummoned, she respawns after a period of time. Additionally, Abigail draws aggro from mobs, making her valuable for buying time to heal.

Prototype Tips Edit

  • If Wendy intentionally attacks Abigail using the CTRL+Click option, Abigail "dies" in one hit and leave her flower on the ground. This can be used as a method to dismiss her at will.
  • Abigail can effectively stun-lock a group of Spiders while taking very little damage herself. Wendy should use her sister's support to her advantage when attacking a Spider Den; though she should know that such stuns are ineffective on Spider Warriors.
  • Using Abigail is a safe way to murder Butterflies. Since Abigail's kills do not increase Wendy's Naughtiness, it won't spawn Krampus. In the Shipwrecked DLC, the same applies to Abigail killing Jellyfish, which won't summon Floaty Boaty Knights.
  • It takes almost 10 minutes for Abigail to regenerate from 1 HP to her full 600 HP.
  • Crows and other flying birds flee before Abigail can attack. Rabbits on the other hand can be outrun by Abigail, though it takes her multiple hits to kill a rabbit in daylight.
  • When hunting a Koalefant, Abigail can draw out the animal's aggression. When Wendy engages an attack, Abigail attacks too, likely getting the first hit. This makes it unnecessary to craft a ranged weapon or chase the animal into a corner.
  • Abigail will protect Wendy from aggressive Bees that come out after harassing a Beehive or gathering Honey from a Bee Box. Bees in the area of effect are easily stun-locked, opening an opportunity to catch them with a Bug Net for use in Bee Mines or more Bee Boxes.
    • Abigail will also attack any aggressive bees within range of a Tent or Siesta Lean-to while Wendy is sleeping.
    • For Abigail to leave cultivated Bees alone, their Bee Boxes should be a good distance away from Wendy's camp.
  • Abigail's increased damage during dusktent and night should be taken advantage of. She is twice as strong at dusk, and four times as strong during night.
  • Abigail is no match for a herd of Beefalo in heat. Any Beefalo pens need to be sealed well or kept far from camp to prevent any mishaps involving Abigail.
  • An easy way to summon Abigail is to kill a Butterfly. Wendy can kill these creatures in one hit while unarmed, and doing so will be enough for the blood pact.
  • Wendy can also spawn Abigail easily by using a Fleshy Bulb in Winter. The Lureplant it spawns can be killed and replaced to spawn Abigail. Though its Eyeplants lie dormant during the cold season, they can also be used to summon Abigail in warmer seasons. 
  • During dusk, Pigs without homes to hide in will see Abigail as a source of light and follow her. 
  • In the Shipwrecked DLC, Abigail can outrun a Dogfish, and given enough time she can kill it. 

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • In the Don't Starve Together Wendy character refresh, we can see Abigail's full name, which is revealed to be Abigail Lillian Carter.
  • When Abigail gets close to Wendy she can hear her whisper.
  • Kevin Forbes has stated that Abigail is jealous of Chester, and she used to kill Chester.[1] This feature was removed in the Doorway to Adventure Update.
  • Before the Strange New Powers update, Abigail used to appear during the night (disappearing at day) at least once every 3 nights, but this was changed to her current method of spawning. Since Abigail no longer despawns at day, she can stay with Wendy for extended periods of time. As a result, her ghostly voice was made much quieter.
  • Abigail's default damage is actually 20 in the lua files; it is halved during daytime due to the light, rather than growing stronger at dusk.
  • Summoning Abigail used to cost 25 sanity, but as of the Moderately Friendly Update, the cost had doubled to 50.
  • In previous versions of Don't Starve, Abigail would harm Wendy and other mobs when she got too close.
  • Although it is no longer possible to change characters without destroying the current world, Klei Entertainment still added examination quotes for Abigail for new Characters after said update.
  • If Abigail is spawned via console, she will not follow or defend Wendy, and she can be attacked without the 'Force Attack' command. Doing this will make Abigail retaliate like a normal mob.
  • Wendy's Ghost in Don't Starve Together is an almost exact horizontally flipped copy of Abigail. The only difference is the color of the flower, which is yellow, despite Wendy's flower being red in life.
  • Like all other ghosts in Don't Starve Together, the option to give Abigail a Telltale Heart is available, but it will not be able to revive her, as Abigail is spiritually bound to her flower, according to Wickerbottom.[2]
  • In the Compendium, Wendy's birthday is listed as November 11, and considering Abigail is her twin, it is very likely that it is Abigail's birthday as well.
  • According to Kevin Forbes, Abigail died under mysterious circumstances.[1][3]
    • The Wish You Were Here cinematic hints that the cause of Abigail's death might be from falling off a cliff after losing her footing on some rocks. However, the format of the short leaves it ambiguous about which parts actually happened, and what is just Wendy's imagination.

Mosquito Bugs Edit

  • Abigail can fly out over water and get stuck. This causes her to sit in the same spot. If however the character walks close to her she will go further out over the water, but not come back to land. One way to get her back is to travel in a Worm Hole. She will then spawn next to Wendy at the end of the Worm Hole's animation.
    • However, if that world is compatible with the Shipwrecked DLC, Abigail can fly freely between water and land just like she does in the Shipwrecked world.
  • Abigail can be duplicated if Wendy dies in a Cave and respawns with a Touch Stone. She will have Abigail's Flower in her inventory, so she can wait two days to summon Abigail then re-enter the Cave. She will find another Abigail waiting for her.
    • If Wendy enters the cave with Abigail's Flower in her inventory, all instances of Abigail will be erased.
  • If Abigail is hit by Weather Pain's projectile, she will try to attack and no longer follow Wendy.

Blueprint Gallery Edit

Gramophone Sounds Edit

Abigail's ghostly wailing.
Abigail Sounds

References Edit

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  2. Wickerbottom quotes: Failed to revive Abigail- "Her spirit is already bound to something in this world."
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