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Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks.

–Source, Origin

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This template displays text within enlarged quotes, and centers it on the page.
If the source exist as an article on the wiki, it will be automatically converted to a link. Otherwise, it is displayed as entered.
Type {{quote|speaker|source}} somewhere. The first parameter enlarges the size of the quotes, the second parameter defines the width of the quote, the third displays who said the quote, and the fourth is for where the quote came from.
Sample output
{{quote|Lorem ipsum}} gives...
Lorem ipsum
{{quote|Lorem ipsum|Julius Caesar}} gives...
Lorem ipsum

–Julius Caesar

{{quote|Lorem ipsum|Julius Caesar|Rome}} gives...
Lorem ipsum

–Julius Caesar, Rome

{{quote|Something Wilson Said|Wilson|in game}} gives...
Something Wilson Said

Wilson, in game

{{quote|Avengers Assemble|[[wikipedia:Captain America|Captain America]]}} gives...
Avante, Vingadores

Capitão América