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Exclusivo para: Reign of Giants iconReign of Giants, Shipwrecked iconShipwrecked e Don't Starve Together iconDon't Starve Together.

A glass of milk with every supper.


Existem 3 itens básicos de Laticínios no jogo, nenhum deles tem uma versão cozida.

Também existe 1 receita de Panela (Crock Pot) que requer produtos lácteos para ser feita. (Há 1 receita adicional no DLC Reign of Giants e 3 receitas adicionais (e uma em que os laticínios são opcionais) no DLC Shipwrecked.) Shipwrecked icon.)

Food Name DLC Health Hunger Sanity Perish time (days) Cook time (sec) Priority Recipe
Requirements* Filler
Coffee Café Shipwrecked icon +3 +9.375 -5 10 10 30 Cooked Coffee Beans×3 Only Dairy productSweetener or Cooked Coffee Beans
Fresh Fruit Crepes Fresh Fruit Crepes Shipwrecked iconDon't Starve Together icon +60 +150 +15 10 20 30 Fruit×1.5 Butterx1 Honeyx1 Cooked in Portable Crock Pot
Ice Cream Ice Cream Reign of Giants icon 0 +25 +50 3 10 10 Dairy product×1.0 Ice×1 Sweetener×1 No Meats avaAll EggsVegetables avaTwigs
Lobster Dinner Wobster Dinner Shipwrecked iconDon't Starve Together icon +60 +37.5 +50 15 20 25 Wobster (Shipwrecked icon); Wobster (DST) (Don't Starve Together icon)Butter No Meats avaFishesIce
Milkmade Hat Milkmade Hat Don't Starve Together icon 0 187.5 in 4 min -5.3 in 4 min 3d 10s 10 Naked Nostrils + Kelp Fronds + Dairy
Waffles Waffles +60 +37.5 +5 6 10 10 Butter×1 All Eggs×1.0 Berries ava×1