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Wagstaff Portrait
Refracted lenses polished to a specific curvature so I can see better.

Wagstaff, when examining the Spectoggles

The Spectoggles are a Character-specific Hat Item craftable only by Wagstaff. They are found in the Tinkering Tab and require a Gold Nugget and a Pig Skin to craft. They allow a Wagstaff player to remove the blurriness effect due to Wagstaff's nearsightedness. However, when characters other than Wagstaff wear the Spectoggles, the world will appear blurry. They also reveal hidden dangers such as Tentacles.

Gift Icon Downloadable Content[]

In the Shipwrecked DLC, the Spectoggles reveal Flups and Poisonous Holes.

In the Hamlet DLC, the Spectoggles reveal Nasty Spear Traps, Striking Carvings, and Pressure Plates. In addition, Peculiar Objects can be revealed, allowing Wagstaff to investigate Peculiar Objects. This can be done at no cost to item durability. The goggles also provide immunity to Fog.

Icon Tools Usage[]

Inventory slot backgroundSpectogglesInventory slot background Electrical DoodadInventory slot backgroundTorchInventory slot backgroundTorchInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundInfrogglesWagstaff Portrait
Inventory slot backgroundSpectogglesInventory slot background Cut StoneInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundVisorWagstaff Portrait
Inventory slot backgroundSpectogglesInventory slot background Red GemInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundFryfocalsWagstaff Portrait

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