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Ta strona zawiera angielskie komentarze Willow, które postać mówi, gdy gracz zbada jakiś przedmiot lub obiekt. Obiekty można badać za pomocą przycisku Shift.



Axe- "It's very sharp."-"To jest bardzo ostre."

Luxury Axe- "That's one fancy axe."

Shovel- "Not great for fighting."

Regal Shovel- "I can't wait to dig holes."

Pickaxe- "It's very pointy."

Opulent Pickaxe- "Hey, isn't gold really soft?"

Razor- "Why did I build this?"

Hammer- "I prefer sharp implements."

Pitchfork- "Three times pointiness."


Campfire and Fire Pit

Campfire (upon being built)- "I like fire."-"Lubię ogień."

Campfire (burned out)- "Awww. It's all over."

Fire Pit (upon being built)- "I could watch it for hours."

Fire Pit (burned out)- "I should make the fire come back."

Campfire and Fire Pit (high)- "BURN! BURN FASTER!"-"PŁOŃ! PŁOŃ! SZYBCIEJ!

Campfire and Fire Pit (normal)- "Burn!"-"Płoń!"

Campfire and Fire Pit (low)- "This fire is small and boring."-"Ogień jest mały i nudny."

Campfire and Fire Pit (embers)- "I should make the fire come back."

Torch- "Fire is so pretty."-"Ogień jest taki ładny."

Miner Hat- "This will keep my hands free."

Pumpkin lantern- "Spooky!"


Fishing Rod-"Hook, line and stick!"

Bird Trap- "I'll catch those creepy birds."

Strawroll-"It smells like wet."

Strawroll (can't used)-"It's too bright out."

Tent- "I got all the badges in Girl Scouts."

Backpack-"It's for me to put my stuff in"

Trap- "It's a bit passive aggressive, but it'll have to do."

Bug Net- "I can catch a bug!"


Crock Pot

Crock Pot- "It makes me hungry just to look at it."

Crock Pot (cooking, long time left)- "It's going to take a while."

Crock Pot (cooking, short time left)- "It's almost done!"

Crock Pot (finished)- "Mmmmm! It's ready to eat!"


Farm Plot, Speedy Farm Plot and Turbo Farm Plot- "Sigh. It's a pile of dirt."

Farm Plot, Speedy Farm Plot and Turbo Farm Plot (growing)- "Hurry up, dirtpile. Feed me!"

Farm Plot, Speedy Farm Plot and Turbo Farm Plot (needs fertilizer)- "Stupid thing needs poop."

Ice Box- "That is the opposite of fire."


Science Machine- "Even I don't know everything, yet."

Alchemy Engine- "Even I don't know everything, yet."


Spear- "Feel my wrath!"


Sleep Dart-

Fire Dart- "This is my favourite thing in the whole wide world."

Football Helmet-

Logsuit- "Now I can take on the world!"

Bee Mine-

Tooth Trap- "It would be better with fire."


Bee Box

Bee Box- "Come on fat bees, make me honey!"

Bee Box (with honey)- "Yay! I can steal honey!"


Birdcage- "Bird prison!"

Birdcage (occupied)- "Ha! I have you now!"-"Ha! Teraz Cię mam!"

Birdcage (occupied, sleeping)- "Stupid bird. Wake up!"-"Głupi ptak. Obudź się!"

Pig House

Pig House- "These pigs have questionable taste in architecture."

Pig House (occupied and lit up)- "He's doing pig things in there."

Pig House (occupied and lights off)- "You jerk! Let me in!"


Hay Wall (inventory)- "Hmmm. I wonder if these will burn."

Hay Walls (placed)- "That looks so flammable!"

Wood Wall (inventory)- "I hate hiding."

Wood Wall (placed)- "That could totally catch on fire."

Stone Wall (inventory)- "These are surprisingly heavy."

Stone Wall (placed)- "Eh. I guess that's OK."

Chest- "It's a trunk for my junk."

Wooden Flooring-





Cut Stone-

Papyrus- "I bet it'd burn!"


Meat Effigy- "That is my insurance policy."

Pan Flute- "Music is so boring."

Amulet- "I feel so safe wearing it."

Nightmare Fuel- "Eww, It's still warm!"

Night Light- "It's like fire, but purple!"

Night Armour- "Like being wrapped in smoke."

Dark Sword- "It's like my dreams can hurt real things!"


Strawhat- "What a nice hat."

Beefalo Hat- "What a nice hat."

Beekeeper Hat- "This should keep me protected."

Feather Hat- "I AM A BIRD!"

Winter Hat- "It's not warm enough for my liking."

Top Hat- "What a nice hat."

Dapper Vest- "It's a... thing."

Breezy Vest- "Now I'll be with my friend forever."

Bush Hat- "Too passive!"

Garland- "It smells like prettines."

Nature - Plants


Evergreen- "It looks like it would burn well."

Evergreen (chopped)- "One less tree in the world."

Evergreen (burning)- "YES! BURN!"

Evergreen (burnt)- "I wish it was still burning."


Charcoal- "Mmmm. Smells like fire."

Pinecone- "Hey there, tree seed."

Spiky Tree

Spiky Tree- "It looks dangerous!"

Spiky Tree (chopped)- "Not so spiky now, are you?"

Spiky Tree (burning)- "YES! BURN!"

Spiky Tree (burnt)- "I wish it was still burning."

Marble Tree

Marble Tree-"The worst kind of tree. The non flamable kind.


Sapling- "I should pick it."

Sapling (picked)- "Poor little limp tree."

Sapling (burning)- "Burn! Yeah!"

Sapling (picked up)- "What's the matter, got no dirt?"

Twigs- "It's a bunch of small twigs."


Grass- "It's flammable a tuft of grass."

Grass (picked)- "Grass stubble is kind of useless."

Grass (barren)- "It needs poop."

Grass (burning)- "Fire! Wooo!"

Grass Tuft- "What's the matter, got no dirt?"

Cut Grass- "Cut grass, ready for arts and crafts."

Berry Bush

Berry Bush- "Mmmmm. Berries."

Berry Bush (picked)- "I want more berries!"

Berry Bush (barren)- "Eat poop, stupid plant!"

Berry Bush (picked up)- "What's the matter, got no dirt?"


Reeds- "It's a burnable clump of reeds."

Reeds (picked)- "I can't do anything with reed stubble."

Reeds (burning)- "Burn! Yeah!"

Cut reeds-


Plant- "I'll eat it if I have to."

Plant (growing)- "Hurry up, you stupid plant!"

Plant (ready to be picked)- "Oh boy. Vegetables."

Marsh Plant- It's all planty."

Spiky bush- "Ouch! It looks sharp."

Flower- "I don't have time to waste on flowers."

Nature - Objects

Bee hive

Bee Hive- "It's full of bees!"

Honeycomb- "It's waxy."





Gold Nugget- "Where am I going to spend this?"


Headstone (1)- "It says milk. Eggs. Bacon."

Headstone (2)- "Here lies some guy. Blah blah blah."

Headstone (3)- "Hey, that's my name!"

Headstone (4)- "This headstone is blank."

Grave- "It's full of dead stuff, I bet."

Grave (dug)- "Better it than me."

Koalefant tracks

Suspicious Dirt Pile- "Who just leaves dirt lying around in the forest?"

Animal Tracks- "It leads to my new friend."

Wooden Thing

Wooden Thing- "I like the way the symbols glow."

Wooden Thing (partially assembled)- "I'm making a monstrosity!"

Wooden Thing (fully assembled)- "I just want to see this world burn."

Ring Thing- "This is too precious to burn."

Crank Thing- "What's this part good for?"

Box Thing- "It feels warm."

Metal Potato Thing- "Perhaps I could melt it into a more pleasing shape."


Wormhole (closed)- "Poke it with a stick!"

Wormhole (open)- "I wonder if he likes spicy food?"


Spider Den- "That's just nasty."

Spider Egg-

Rabbit Hole- "Stupid rabbits. Come out so I can eat you."

Mobs - Monsters



Red Hound-

Hound's Tooth-


Spider- "Maybe I could kill it... with FIRE."

Spider (sleeping)- "I could take him."

Spider (dead)- "Ha! I showed you!"

Spider Warrior- "Maybe I could kill it... with FIRE."

Spider Warrior (sleeping)- "Maybe I should just leave that one alone."

Spider Warrior (dead)- "He had it coming."

Silk- "Mmmmmm. Smooth."


Krampus- "Stay back, you big jerk!"

Krampus Sack- "I've got a new bag."



Tentacle Spike-

Tentacle spots- "Ewwwww."

Werepig- "Bring it on, piggie!"

Ghost- "I can't kill what's already dead."

Mobs - Neutral Animals


Beefalo- "What a disgusting, hairy beast!"

Beefalo (sleeping)- "They look even dumber when they're sleeping."

Beefalo (shaved)- "Ha! He's naked now!"

Beefalo Wool- "Ha! I stole his hair!"

Beefalo Horn-

Baby Beefalo- "Even the babies are ugly."

Baby Beefalo (sleeping)- "WAKE UP!"


Bee- "It's fat, but that stinger looks dangerous."

Bee (picked up)- "Pocket full of bees!"

Killer Bee- "I like the cut of that bee's jib."

Killer bee (picked up)- "Buzz!"

Stinger- "It's pokey!"


Pig- "Ugh. They're fragrant."

Pig (following)- "Ick. It's following me."

Pig (dead)- "I wonder how they taste."

Pig Skin-


Frog- "He's too damp to burn."

Frog (sleeping)- "They're cute when they're sleeping."

Frog (dead)- "I showed him!"

Koalefant- "We will be great friends!"

Mobs - Passive Animals


Butterfly- "Flutter away, butterfly!"

Butterfly (picked up)- "I want to squish it."


Eye Bone- "It's rude to stare."

Eye Bone (Chester dead, eye closed)- "At least it's not looking at me anymore."

Ashes of Eye Bone-

Chester- "He's so fuzzy!"


Crow- "I think it's waiting for me to die."

Crow (picked up)- "Not so smart now, are you?"

Crow Feather-

Redbird- "Does that mean spring is coming?" (Generic)

Redbird (picked up)-

Redbird feather- "A redbird feather."

Gobbler- "Stupid bird!  Stay away from my berries!"


Rabbit- "He looks tasty."

Rabbit (picked up)- "I have him where I want him."


Fireflies- "I wish they didn't run away!"

Fireflies(picked up)- "They're like little fires in my pocket!"


Mandrake- "That's not a normal plant"

Mandrake (following)- "Now that's just creepy!"

Mandrake (dead)- "Why did this plant have a face?"

Mobs - Tallbird family


Tallbird- "I don't think it wants to be friends."

Tallbird Nest (empty)- "The nest is empty."

Tallbird Nest (with egg)- "That's quite and egg!"

Tallbird Egg

Tallbird Egg- "Does it like fire?"

Tallbird Egg (cooked)- "Fire makes them so much better."

Hatching Tallbird Egg- "Arise my phoenix!"

Hatching Tallbird Egg (dead, eating the egg)- "Ugh. Crunchy."

Hatching Tallbird Egg (too hot)- "Is there such a thing as too much fire?"

Hatching Tallbird Egg (too cold)- "Needs more fire!"

Hatching Tallbird Egg (long time left)- "How long is this going to take?"

Hatching Tallbird Egg (short time left)- "I'm getting tired of waiting."


Smallbird- "Not quite a phoenix, but still cute, I guess."

Smallbird (hungry)- "Are you hungry?"

Smallbird (starving)- "Ok, ok! I get it, you're hungry."

Smallish tallbird

Smallish Tallbird- "I feel like he understands me."

Smallish Tallbird (hungry)- "He sure eats a lot."

Smallish Tallbird (starving, attacking)- "Don't look at me! Get your own food."

Mobs - Bosses

Treeguard (Leif)- "He looks flammable!"

Spider Queen- "Kill it with fire!"

Spider Hat- "Who's your mommy!"

Mobs - Other

Maxwell- "He's so condescending."

Pig King- "Blech. What a slob."


Food - Meats

Monster Meat- "Gross. It's full of hairs."

Cooked Monster Meat- "It's still gross."

Meat- "I could make this better with fire."

Cooked meat- "I've tasted better."

Drumstick- "I should gobble it."

Fried Drumstick- "Now it's even tastier."

Fish- "Now I shall eat for a day."

Cooked Fish- "Grilled to perfection."

Morsel- "I could make this better with FIRE!"

Cooked Morsel- "I'll need more than appetizers if I'm going to survive."

Koalefant Trunk- "Well, part of him is still cuddly."

Koalefant Trunk Steak- "I'm still not sure I want to eat this."

Frog Legs- "I've heard they are a delicacy."

Cooked Frog Legs- "Tastes like chicken."

Food - Fruits


Sliced Pomegranate-


Extra Smelly Durian-

Dragon Fruit-

Prepared Dragon Fruit-

Berries- "Red berries are the best."

Roasted Berries- "I don't think heat improved them."

Food - Vegetables



Carrot (in the ground)- "The earth is making plantbabies."

Carrot (picked up)- "Yuck. It's all vegetabley."

Pumpkin- "It's as big as my head!"

Hot Pumpkin- "How did it turn into a pie..."


Braised Eggplant-

Food - Crock Pot

Most recipes- "I cooked it myself!"

-Food - Other

Seeds- "Farming is boring."

Roasted Seeds-


Petals- "Stupid flowers. They're almost useless."

Butterfly Wings- "No more flying for that butterfly!"

Butter- "Tasty, and just a little bit insecty."

Rot- "At least it's still flammable."

Misc Items

Red Gem-

Beard Hair- "Uh, where did this come from?"

Manure- "Ew. Nasty. But useful."



Lighting a fire (1)- "Tee hee!"

Lighting a fire (2)- "Pretty!"

Lighting a fire (3)- "Oops!"

Lighting a fire (4)- "I made a fire!"

Lighting a fire (5)- "Burn!"

Battlecry- "It's you or me!"

Battlecry (on prey)- "Get over here!"

Battlecry (Pig)- "Stupid pig!"

Battlecry (Spider)- "Grrrrar!"

Battlecry (Warrior Spider)- "Ew, kill iiiit!"

Leaving combat- "That's what I thought!"

Leaving combat (prey)- "I'll get you next time!"

Leaving combat (Pig)- "Get over here, pork chop!"

Leaving combat (Spider)- "Bleh. I'll kill him later."

Leaving combat (Warrior Spider)- "Not so tough now!"

Torch (run out)- "My precious fire is gone!"

Boomerang (hit self)- "Stupid boomerang!"

Dusk- "Night is coming. I need fire!"

Entering light- "I can see again!"

Entering darkness- "It's so dark!"

Doing things in the dark- "I need more light!"

Failed to do something- 

Night Monster- "I'm not afraid of you!"

Night Monster (hurt by)- "OUCH! You jerk!"

Pecked- "No! Bad birdy!"

Hounds are coming- "Show yourself!"

Inventory full- "I can't carry anymore stuff!"

Eating- "Yum!"

Eating (spoiled food)- "That taster terrible!"

Eating (stale food)- "That was kinda gross."

Eating (painful food)- "Ugh! Nasty!"

Hungry- "I need food!"

Exiting a Wormhole- "I'll have to burn these clothes!"

Koalefant (lost its trail)- "Ohh... he got away."

Koalefant (found)- "I'll find you!"

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