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Linia 134: Linia 134:
Birdcage (occupied)- "He is contained."
Birdcage (occupied)- "He is contained."
Birdcage (occupied, sleeping)- "Shhhhh!"-'Ciiiii!"
Birdcage (occupied, sleeping)- "Shhhhh!"
'''Pig House'''
'''Pig House'''
Linia 163: Linia 163:
Rope- "A short length of strong hemp rope."
Rope- "A short length of strong hemp rope."

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Axe- "A dual inclined plane attached to a lever."

Luxury Axe-

Shovel- "It's a shovel. Surely you've seen one before?"

Regal Shovel-

Pickaxe- "A specialized axe for chipping away at rocks."

Opulent Pickaxe-

Razor- "A personal hygiene implement."

Razor (can't shave)- "I would really rather not."

Razor (nothing left)- "It's already smooth, dear."

Razor (Shaving a waken beefalo)- "I think he might object to that."

Hammer- "A worker's tool."

Pitchfork- "It's design is effective at loosening earth."


Campfire and Fire Pit

Campfire (upon being built)- "A camp fire."

Fire Pit (upon being built)- "A fire pit."

Campfire and Fire Pit (high)- "That fire is burning at an alarming rate."

Campfire and Fire Pit (normal)- "A perfectly average fire."

Campfire and Fire Pit (low)- "The fire could use some more fuel."

Campfire and Fire Pit (embers)- "The fire is almost self-extinguised."

Fire Pit (burned out)- "I can re-light it."

Campfire (burned out)- "I can re-light it."

Torch- "An improvised handheld light."

Miner Hat-

Pumpkin lantern-


Fishing Rod-

Bird Trap- "A simple clap-trap for birds."

Strawroll- "Crude bedding."

Tent- "Sleeping in there is going to give me a stiff neck."

Backpack- "It's for me to put my stuff in" (She ended a sentence in a preposition...she must teach Botany.)

Trap- "A simple stick-and-basket trap."

Bug Net- "The tool of entomologists."


Crock Pot

Crock Pot-

Crock Pot (cooking, long time left)-

Crock Pot (cooking, short time left)-

Crock Pot (finished)-


Farm Plot, Speedy Farm Plot and Turbo Farm Plot- "A small cultivated patch of ground."

Farm Plot, Speedy Farm Plot and Turbo Farm Plot (growing)- "The plants are extracting minerals from the ground."

Farm Plot, Speedy Farm Plot and Turbo Farm Plot (needs fertilizer)- "It has been rendered infertile for lack of nutrients."

Ice Box- "It is a crude heat exchanger."


Science Machine- "It's a research station. I can learn new things with it."

Alchemy Engine- " It's a research station. I can learn new things with it."


Spear- "Ancient weapons technology."


Sleep Dart-

Fire Dart- "Improvised inflammatory device."

Logsuit- "Crude plate mail cobbled together from log sections."

Football Helmet- "I don't like sports."-"Nie lubię sportów."

Bee Mine-

Tooth Trap- "It's covered with a thin film of canine digestive fluid."


Bee Box

Bee Box- "A crude apiary."

Bee Box (with no honey)-

Bee Box (some honey)- "I can harvest honey from it."

Bee Box (full with honey)-

Bird Cage

Birdcage- "This will safely contain one avian specimen."

Birdcage (occupied)- "He is contained."

Birdcage (occupied, sleeping)- "Shhhhh!"

Pig House

Pig House- "The pig creatures have such prosaic taste in architecture."

Pig House (occupied and lit up)- "I wonder what they do in there."

Pig House (occupied and lights off)- "That was quite rude."


Hay Wall (inventory)- "Hay bales."

Hay Walls (placed)- "I don't trust that wall."

Wood Wall (inventory)- "Deployable pickets."

Wood Wall (placed)- "That offers some protection."

Stone Wall (inventory)- "I'm not sure why I can carry so many of these."

Stone Wall (placed)- "That is quite secure."

Chest- "A storage chest."

Wooden Flooring- "These are floorboards"



Rope- "A short length of strong hemp rope."

Boards- "Roughly hewn wood boards."

Cut Stone- "Some smoothed rock slabs."

Papyrus- "Thin sheets of cellulose and lignin."


Meat Effigy- "How very pagan."

Pan Flute- "Hollow reeds with harmonic resonance."

Amulet- "It's a relic from another time."

Nightmare Fuel- "Ectoplasmic residue."

Night Light- "Curiously luminescent."

Night Armour- "Protective shroud which transfers attacks to another dimension."

Dark Sword- "Transdimensional weaponry."


Strawhat- "This will offer some protection from the sun."

Beefalo Hat- "This hat is hidious."

Beekeeper Hat-  "This should keep me protected."

Feather Hat- "I AM A BIRD!"

Winter Hat- "I knit it myself."

Top Hat- "How bourgeois."

Dapper Vest- "It's a... thing."

Breezy Vest- "Durable outerwear."

Bush hat- "Camouflage."

Garland- "How celebratory."

Nature - Plants


Evergreen- "A generically coniferous tree."

Evergreen (chopped)- "It has been harvested."

Evergreen (burning)- "The tree is burning."

Evergreen (burnt)- "A carbonized tree."

Log- "An axial section of tree trunk."

Charcoal- "It's mostly carbon and ash."

Pinecone- "Confier seeds encased in a mature strobilus."

Spiky Tree

Spiky Tree- "A mangal rhizophora."

Spiky Tree (chopped)- "It has been felled."

Spiky Tree (burning)- "Combustion!"

Spiky Tree (burnt)- "A carbonized mangrove."


Sapling- "It's a small tree."

Sapling (picked)- "Odd. I thought that would have killed it."

Sapling (burning)- "Combustion!"

Sapling (picked up)- "It requires soil to grow."

Twigs- "Some small twigs."


Grass- "A cluster graminoid stalks."

Grass (picked)- "I think it will grow back."

Grass (barren)- "It needs poop."

Grass (burning)- "Combustion!"

Grass Tuft- "It requires soil to grow."

Cut Grass- "Some grass cuttings."

Berry Bush

Berry Bush- "It's an Ardisia crenata bush."

Berry Bush (picked)- "The berries are growing back, slowly."

Berry Bush (barren)- "It will require an intervention."

Berry Bush (picked up)- "It requires soil to grow."


Reeds- "A group of juncaceae graminoids."

Reeds (picked)- "I belive they shall grow back."

Reeds (burning)-."Combustion!"

Cut reeds- "Some rush cuttings."


Plant- "It's a... plant. Of some kind."

Plant (growing)- "It is not yet ready for harvest."

Plant (ready to be picked)- "It looks mature, now."

Marsh Plant- "A swamp-dwelling rhizome."

Spiky bush- "A cluster of brambles."

Flower- "It's a wildflower. I'm unfamiliar with the species."

Nature - Objects

Bee Hive

Bee Hive- "The natural home of the bee."

Honeycomb- "Beeswax used for storing honey."


Boulder- "A large sedimentary rock."

Rocks- "A handful of assorted rocks."

Flint- "A hard nodule of quartz."

Gold Nugget- "A small lump of gold. Atomic number 79."


Headstone (1)- "It says milk. Eggs. Bacon."

Headstone (2)- "Here lies some guy. Blah blah blah."

Headstone (3)- "Hey, that's my name!"

Headstone (4)- "This headstone is blank."

Grave- "A burial mound."

Grave (dug)- "A desicrated burial mound."

Koalefant tracks

Suspicious Dirt Pile- "Unhygienic!"

Animal Tracks- "Animal sign, leading the way."

Wooden thing

Wooden Thing- "This runestone has unique geometric properties."

Wooden Thing (partially assembled)- "The device is in partial state of completion."

Wooden Thing (fully assembled)- "This machine can be used to travel between worlds."

Ring Thing- "A torus of alloys and wiring."

Crank Thing- "It applys basic mechanical principals."

Box Thing- "An electrical charge regulator."

Metal Potato Thing- "Neither fully organic nor inorganic."


Wormhole (closed)- "The sleeping Megadrilacea Oradous."

Wormhole (open)- "Concentric rings of teeth for rapid ingestion."

Pond- "A small, but deep freshwater pond."

Spider Den- "Fascinating. These spiders have a communal hive."

Spider Egg- "A highly portable spider egg sack."

Rabbit Hole- "It looks like a small animal's burrow."

Mobs - Monsters


Hound-"Something is approaching."

Red Hound-

Hound's Tooth-


Spider- "A large, carnivorous arachnid species."

Spider (sleeping)- "A well deserved rest, no doubt."

Spider (dead)- "He gave his life for his queen."

Spider Warrior- "It appears to be of the warrior caste."

Spider Warrior (sleeping)- "A well deserved rest, no doubt."

Spider Warrior (dead)- "He gave his life for his queen."

Silk- "Protein fibre extruded from an arachnid."


Krampus- "It's a mythological holiday monster."

Krampus Sack- "It seems bigger inside than out."


Tentacle- "That looks dangerous."

Tentacle Spike- "It's pointy and slimy."

Tentacle spots- "I think these were its genitalia."

Werepig- "It's a lycanthropic pig."

Ghost- "It must be fake. I don't belive it."

Mobs - Neutral Animals


Beefalo- "It looks almost like a Bos Taurus."

Beefalo (sleeping)- "It's sleeping."

Beefalo (shaved)- "It looks cold."

Beefalo Wool-

Beefalo Horn-

Baby Beefalo- "It has a widdle face! (ahem!)"


Bee- "Apis mellifera. Quite large!"

Bee (picked up)- "It is not pleased."

Killer Bee- "It is especially venomous."

Killer bee (picked up)- "It is not pleased."

Stinger- "It tapers to a sharp point."


Pig- "A semi-intelligent bipedal pig."

Pig (following)- "He seems to have bonded with me."

Pig (dead)- "Don't worry there are plenty more where that came from."

Pig Skin- "It still has the tail on it."


Frog- "A amphibian tetrapod."

Frog (sleeping)- "It's sleeping."

Frog (dead)- "Considered a delicacy in some countries."

Koalefant- "Koalefanta Proboscidea"

Mobs - Passive Animals


Butterfly- "A colourful lepidopteran."

Butterfly (picked up)- "It is captured."


Crow- "Corvus brachyrhynchos."

Crow (picked up)- "He is mine now."

Crow Feather-

Redbird- "Does that mean spring is coming?" (Generic)

Redbird (picked up)-

Redbird feather-



Eye Bone- "Oculus Mysterium."

Eye Bone (Chester dead, eye closed)- "The oculus is inactive."

Ashes of Eye Bone-

Chester- "A motile storage chest."


Rabbit- "It's some kind of Lagormorph. With horns."

Rabbit (picked up)- "It is a cute widdle horned Lagormorph."


Fireflies- "They disperse when I approach."

Fireflies(picked up)- "Their bioluminescent properties might prove useful."


Mandrake- "Mandragora officinarum."

Mandrake (following)- "Mandragora officinarum. But with a face."

Mandrake (dead)- "Mandragora officinarum. Deceased."

Mandrake (cooked)-

Mobs - Tallbird family


Tallbird- "Magnus Avis, fully developed."

Tallbird Nest (empty)-

Tallbird Nest (with egg)-

Tallbird egg

Tallbird Egg- "It requires incubation."

Tallbird Egg (cooked)- "Full of cholesterol."

Hatching Tallbird Egg- "Development appears to be progressing."

Hatching Tallbird Egg (dead, eating the egg)- "Al dente."

Hatching Tallbird Egg (too hot)- "Exposure to temperature extremes may result in death."

Hatching Tallbird Egg (too cold)- "You will catch your death of cold."

Hatching Tallbird Egg (long time left)- "A watched pot never boils."

Hatching Tallbird Egg (short time left)- "We shall soon reap the fruits of our labours."


Smallbird- "A rather diminutive specimen of the class aves."

Smallbird (hungry)- "It require sustenance."

Smallbird (starving)- "Without sustenance, it will surely perish."

Smallish Tallbird

Smallish Tallbird- "an adolescent avian."

Smallish Tallbird (hungry)- "Please keep your voice level to a minimum."

Smallish Tallbird (starving, attacking)- "A very naughty bird."

Mobs - Bosses

Treeguard (Leif)- "I... don't even know."

Spider Queen- "That must be the center of the hive mind."

Spider Hat- "With this I should be able to exert psionic control over the spiders."

Mobs - Other

Maxwell- "What a rude gentleman."

Pig King- "He appears to be the leader of the village."


Food - Meats

Monster Meat- "I don't think it's safe to eat this."

Cooked Monster Meat- "It's still a little bit poisonous."

Meat- "It's a small, raw piece of meat."

Cooked meat- "It is slightly more appetizing when cooked."

Drumstick- "I should gobble it."

Fried Drumstick-


Cooked Fish- 


Cooked Morsel- 

Koalefant Trunk- "A utilitarian proboscis."

Koalefant Trunk Steak- "Unpalatable, but high in protein."

Frog Legs- 

Cooked Frog Legs- 

Food - Fruits


Sliced Pomegranate-


Extra Smelly Durian-

Dragon Fruit-

Prepared Dragon Fruit-

Berries- "Some Ardisia crenata berries, I think."

Roasted Berries-

Food - Vegitables



Carrot (in the ground)-

Carrot (picked up)- "Daucus carota. Edible and delicious."


Hot Pumpkin-


Braised Eggplant-

Food - Crock Pot

Most recipes- "I cooked it myself!"

Food - Other

Seeds- "A handful of unidentifiable seeds."

Roasted Seeds-

Honey- "A sweetened plant nectar."

Petals- "I've made some potpourri."

Butterfly Wings- "Wings from a captured butterfly."

Butter- "Lepidopterous lipids?"

Rot- "It is heavy with bacteria."

Misc Items

Red Gem-

Beard Hair- "This is human facial hair."

Manure- "A quantity of animal feces. How fragrant."


Generic- "I don't know what that is."

Battlecry- "Combat!"

Battlecry (on prey)-

Battlecry (Pig)-

Battlecry (Spider)-

Battlecry (Warrior Spider)-

Leaving combat- "Well, that's over."

Torch (run out)- "I need another torch."

Boomerang (hit self)- "I misjudged the timing of its return."

Dusk- "Night will be here soon."

Entering light- "It is bright enough to see."

Entering darkness- "I am in the dark."

Doing things in the dark- "I can't see in the dark."

Failed to to something- "I can't do that."

Failed to craft something- "I can't make that now."

Night Monster- "Did you hear that?"

Night Monster (hurt by)- "OUCH! Something bit me!"

Pecked- "Settle down this instant."

Hound's are coming- "Something is approaching."

Inventory full- "I can't carry anything more."

Eating- "Yum!"

Eating (spoiled food)- "That was partially decomposed."

Eating (stale food)- "That was not at optimal freshness."

Eating (painful food)- "That was not edible."

Hungry- "Librarians needs food."

Exiting a Wormhole- "A detailed lesson in biology."

Koalefant (lost its trail)- "the trail is no longer distinguishable."

Koalefant (found)- "The appearance of this track indicates recent activity."

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